Architectural Photography

We strive to create interesting and aesthetically pleasing architectural photographs. Whether you need general exterior and interior straight record shots, or abstract building details utilizing dramatic camera angles, we can provide you with professional images at reasonable prices. We believe client communication is extremely essential, as we endeavor to understand your goals and desires and capture this in the photographs.

Some of our techniques include perspective corrected views, natural light to emphasize the lighting as created by the architect, night shots with special atmosphere, high contrast black-and-white photography to emphasis building form and structure, and the use of a fish eye lens for exaggerating certain spaces. Your shot selections may include early morning or late evening shots with the proper sun angle to emphasize certain building elements and shadows.

Our fees for architectural photography are based upon a low-cost per image price, including processing. Electronic media is provided in various file formats and resolutions for web use or multimedia presentations. Our simple fee structure is designed to make it easy for you to get the quality photographs you need for your business.

Documentary Photography

Documentary photography produces graphic perspective views designed to supplement our as-built drawing process. Photography will never substitute the floor plan of a building, but can often provide a necessary objective view.

The term, "The Camera Sees All" is certainly true. Photographic coverage can be as sparse or detailed as you request. As part of a renovation project, photography can easily document irregularities due to wear and decomposition of certain aspects of a building. Wide-angle photos are created for every room of an as-built project, and are referenced to the as-built drawings for easy viewing.

360-Degree Panoramic Photography

With our full circle, 360-degree panoramic photography, we are able to provide you with a complete view of any room. These 360-degree photos are supplied as jpeg flat images in either cylindrical or equirectangular projections. Using a viewer of your choice, you may pan and zoom the 360-degree panoramic photo.

Our recommended offline viewer is FSPViewer, which does not require installation, and is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Screen capture from this viewer enables rectilinear photo creation from virtually anywhere in the 360-degree scene.

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