Quality As-built Drawings

Built on the foundation of quality as-built drawings, PLANS Corporation has provided accurate as-built (record) drawings to architects and facility managers since 1991.

Our methods are technology driven... systematically collecting and recording the required building items. The finished drawings are completely layered, contain standard symbols, and truly represent the actual building. Digital photography and photogrammetry techniques enhance our building documentation process.

We use only our own proprietary as-built (building measurement) systems. The methods are radically different, yet complimentary.


Our PLANS (Precise Linear Automated Numerical System) solution uses a laser distance device connected to a palmtop computer and specially developed software to systematically measure and record building items.
Our CIFPS (Computer Integrated Floor Plan System) solution uses electronic traverse and distance equipment, with special computer software to accurately create as-built drawings. The CIFPS system was awarded a patent in 1992 (Ingram et al. 5,091,869).

The PLANS system is the more cost-effective solution, as it uses linear measurement methods. With basically rectangular building projects, the PLANS system is usually all that is required. The CIFPS system provides a unique solution for buildings containing odd geometry (angled walls), or for controlling large building projects. Often, we will combine both systems... providing cost effective and extremely accurate as-built drawings.

Our close-range photogrammetry techniques provide accurate building elevation (facade) drawings. Photogrammetry is considered a non-contact measurement system, and is often the only solution for multi-story or access restricted building projects.

Photography Advantage

Our architectural photography service can showcase your newly renovated projects, or we can also provide this service for any of your previous building designs. Digital documentary photography provides additional value to the as-built floor plan project. The photos are available in electronic media. Wide-angle, and 360-degree panoramic photos are also provided.